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Business owners face unique challenges, especially those leading the way, with fire in their hearts and passion in their projects! We know exactly how that feels!


Kennell&Co Impact Consulting & Strategy is privately owned and led by Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait) queer woman and lead consultant, Kerry Kennell. Kerry works through a lens of connection, culture and empowerment, and she is passionate about supporting businesses (B2B) to find innovative ways to do business, their own way.

We focus on impact consulting & strategy, and support businesses and their teams to make meaningful change, by observing and advising how to shift their business and better align to their values and purpose.

Our work is not industry-specific, our passion lies in the creative industries, but we have over 70 clients come through our metaphorical “doors” from various industries.









With a breadth of knowledge, qualifications and a long list of impressive work history and clientele, Kerry is competent but really … people choose her because she is a deadly human being (“really good, amazing person”), who can relate and connect with people in ways that others can’t.

“Kerry is extremely knowledgeable in the business space, she offers support in a kind, compassionate and relatable way.”

– Yolanda Finette Coaching & Consulting

As an Indigenous queer woman, who is a survivor of sexual trauma, has experienced grief and loss of a sibling and children of her own, Kerry can connect with people in business on a human level.


Her communication style is embedded in Kennell&Co’s services, and clients feel the warmth, compassion and understanding when working with us.

A believer of creating businesses and delivering projects with purpose and values at the core, we respect that business owners often start their journey with a problem to solve, or the business or project has evolved because of a problem experienced by you personally. Kennell&Co services are structured so we have time to decompress, and get to know you, the problem you are solving, and your business vision.



In a story shared with not-for-profit charity for women in music, One of One, Kerry got vulnerable and deep about her beginnings and her journey into authenticity …

“… my story is a personal one with lots of twists and turns. It starts with a frizzy-haired 4-year-old Kerry running around barefoot, listening to my family sing island songs in grandad’s backyard. Growing up as a Torres Strait Island woman (Ugar/Erub), music has always been a part of my life and it has been for many generations…”

read the full story here.

It took Kerry 24 years, but she eventually listened and found her calling. Her little business has grown into an actual company and is 100% aligned with her values and authentic self, and turning a healthy net profit, with a waitlist of people wanting to work with her.


Kerry’s 4-year-old frizzy head is still spinning in disbelief of her journey so far …

kerry Kennell 6 years old holding a chicken with her brother to the right
Kerry Kennell 11 years old posing with brother in a park


It started when she was 10 years old, Kerry landed her first procurement contract with the Federal Government, when she started a car washing business in the little town of Roma, Queensland. She had staff (the neighbourhood kids including 4-year-old brother), knew what her running costs were (dish soap from Mum’s kitchen) and she charged a premium fee and ran at a profit! In the years following, Kerry continued to work hard at school and graduated at 16 with below-average grades.


Kerry started young as a public servant at 17 years old in local government in governance, the federal government in procurement and contract administration, climbing the ranks and always looking for more… ambitious and unsatisfied, she went back to study.


From Government to big business, Kerry graduated from Griffith Law School and lands in the graduate program in-house legal at an Australian airline. In her 20’s still climbing and ambitious as ever - Kerry wants more and finds herself practicing as a Solicitor for a 100-year-old law firm in regional Queensland. After suing people, being intimated by Magistrates, Kerry moves back into government with Legal Aid, as the first Indigenous Civil Lawyer at Legal Aid Queensland.


From Solicitor to Entrepreneur, Kerry teams up with her partner and grows a building company from $300K p.a. gross turnover to $1.2 million in just over 2 years. She smashed it! She loved it! But then got divorced and she left the company.


Recovering from a divorce, and in a state of grief after losing multiple babies to former husband, with no assets, no home and lacking in financial security, Kerry goes into the world, single, with debt and no savings. What better time to change careers again!

Kerry Kennell in her law school graduation outfit smiling
Kerry Kennell (right) and her brother (left) posing in front of black background wood floor

Kerry stumbles into a career as an Artist Manager of her brother’s rock band Key Hoo, with a few introductions through her brother’s network, Kerry lands work as a freelance Consultant and an opportunity to relocate. In December 2019, bringing with her lots of experience from Indigenous and non-Indigenous spaces, across corporate, government and the small to the medium business sector, Kerry has relocated to Naarm with 3 suitcases, a pushbike and a 2005 Hyundai Getz, and couch surfs for 2 months.

Fast forward 2 years (at the time of writing this), Kerry has done the work, she has invested in herself with counselling and healing, she has surrounded herself with deadly people, and has created an independent life she is proud of.

Still kicking around town in the little 2005 Hyundai Getz, Kerry is happier than ever and enjoys helping clients to realise how far they have come, and what they can achieve in the years to come!

Kerry is happier than ever and enjoys helping clients to realise how far they have come, and what they can achieve in the years to come!


Kerry is Sole Director of Kennell&Co Impact Consulting & Strategy, previously Board Director of Music Victoria, previously Board Member at the Association of Artist Managers, PAUSE Award Winner 2021, AAM Award Winner 2024 and Dog Mum to Zuri the Amstaff.


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