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Meet Our Team

Kerry Kennell is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman with cultural connection to Ugar and Erub islands. She is a company director, artist manager, lawyer, facilitator and founder of the social enterprise Kennell & Co Impact Consulting + Strategy. Kerry holds a Bachelor of Law, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, a Certificate 4 in Business, and is an alumnus of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the MURRA Business Program Generation 13. Kerry is also an accredited professional DISC, Driving Forces and Emotional Quotient with ITT Success, and a 2024 Fellow studying a Masters of Social Change Leadership with the Atlantic Fellowship Program at the University of Melbourne. Kerry’s coursework focuses on the success and struggles of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander owned businesses in the Australian contemporary music industry.


As a multifaceted professional, Kerry is a seasoned facilitator, consultant, and lawyer, boasting over 20 years of comprehensive expertise across various industries. Her professional footprint spans all levels of government, the music and arts sectors, and private enterprise. Kerry's commitment to excellence and proficiency in strategic thinking make her an asset to any project she undertakes.

Wagina spearheads our business development efforts, forging strategic partnerships and ensuring the smooth operation of Kennell&Co. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on efficiency, Wagina plays a crucial role in driving our company's growth and success.


Wagina Kennell is a Torres Strait Islander woman with connection to Ugar and Erub islands, currently living and working in Naarm/Melbourne. Wagina has over seven years experience in the public service, wherein she was offered invaluable insight into the relationship between Australia’s most vulnerable people, and the systems designed to support them. Working in operations, leadership, resource development, and investigations within welfare and mental health sectors, she found passion in advocacy.

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